best built-in microwave under $500

Best Built-In Microwaves Under $500

The microwave oven is a kitchen essential, offering convenience and efficiency when it comes to reheating, defrosting, and cooking meals. If you’re renovating your kitchen or simply want to save countertop space, a built-in microwave is a fantastic option.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best built-in microwaves priced under $500, helping you find a reliable and budget-friendly addition to your kitchen.

Why Choose a Built-In Microwave?

Before we delve into our top picks, let’s briefly discuss why a built-in microwave might be the right choice for you:

1. Space-Saving Design

Built-in microwaves are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry, saving valuable countertop space and giving your kitchen a sleek and integrated look.

2. Customizable Placement

You have the flexibility to install a built-in microwave at a height that suits your needs, whether it’s at eye level or below the countertop.

3. Enhanced Features

Many built-in microwaves come with advanced features such as convection cooking, sensor cooking, and even smart technology, making them versatile kitchen appliances.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

These microwaves are designed to blend in with your kitchen’s aesthetic, offering a polished and cohesive appearance.

Now that you understand the advantages of built-in microwaves, let’s explore some of the best models available for under $500.

Top Built-In Microwaves Under $500

1. Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Countertop Microwave Oven with Convection

  • Price: Under $400
  • Features: This Toshiba model combines a microwave and convection oven, offering versatile cooking options. It has a spacious 1.5 cubic feet capacity, 1000 watts of power, and a stainless steel interior. It also features a sensor menu for precise cooking.
  • Where to Buy: Look for it on Amazon, Home Depot, and appliance retailers.

2. Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

  • Price: Under $500
  • Features: Sharp’s microwave drawer oven is an excellent choice for those who want a unique and space-saving design. It offers 1000 watts of power, a 1.2 cubic feet capacity, and an easy-to-read touch control panel. The drawer design makes it easy to access your hot dishes.
  • Where to Buy: Check Amazon, Best Buy, and appliance stores.

3. Panasonic NN-SN686S Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

  • Price: Under $250
  • Features: Panasonic offers a budget-friendly built-in microwave with inverter technology for even cooking. It has 1200 watts of power and a 1.2 cubic feet capacity. The stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
  • Where to Buy: Look for it on Amazon, Panasonic’s official website, and major appliance retailers.

4. Bosch HMB5051 500 Series Built-In Microwave Oven

  • Price: Under $500
  • Features: Bosch’s 500 Series microwave oven boasts 1200 watts of power and a 1.6 cubic feet capacity, making it suitable for larger dishes. It features a white touch control LCD and automatic sensor programs for effortless cooking.
  • Where to Buy: Available at major appliance retailers, including Home Depot and Lowe’s.

5. GE JX7227DLWW Deluxe Built-In Trim Kit

  • Price: Under $100 (trim kit only)
  • Features: If you already have a compatible countertop microwave and want to convert it into a built-in unit, this GE deluxe trim kit is an excellent choice. It includes a white trim frame and bottom duct, giving your microwave a built-in appearance.
  • Where to Buy: You can find it on Amazon and appliance stores.

Where to Find Affordable Built-In Microwaves

Finding the best built-in microwave under $500 doesn’t have to be a challenging task. In addition to the models mentioned above, you can explore various retailers to discover affordable options. Here are some places to consider:

  • Amazon: Amazon offers a wide selection of built-in microwaves, including budget-friendly choices. You can read customer reviews and compare prices easily.
  • Appliance Retailers: Stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy have an extensive range of microwave options. Visit their websites or local branches to explore in person.
  • Manufacturer’s Website: Sometimes, purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website can get you exclusive deals and promotions on their products.
  • Outlet Stores: Outlet stores associated with appliance brands may offer discounted or refurbished microwaves, providing a cost-effective option.
  • Local Classifieds: Don’t forget to check local classified ads or online marketplaces like Craigslist for potential deals on used built-in microwaves.
  • Appliance Sales: Keep an eye out for appliance sales events, especially during holidays like Black Friday or Memorial Day, when you might find discounts on kitchen appliances.


Investing in a built-in microwave under $500 can enhance your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics without breaking the bank. Whether you prioritize advanced features, space-saving design, or a combination of both, there’s a suitable option for every budget.

Explore the models mentioned here, read reviews, and consider your specific needs to find the perfect built-in microwave for your kitchen.

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